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We install EV chargers throughout the GTA for all makes and models sold in Canada. We provide a lifetime warranty on our electrical car charger installations and patch the holes (if any) from installing the wiring and Charger.  This is a growing trend in the GTA and our sales team can help you make an informed decision, on the type of charger you will need (level 1, Level 2, or Level 3). Some information on the other car manufacturers to best fit your needs for the vehicle of your green future.

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Q: What type of maintenance can I expect buying an electric car?

A: There is very little maintenance on an electric car because their are no oil changes, transmission maintenance due to have only one moving part the electric motor. 

Q: What about the batteries how long do they last?

A: EV batteries will lose some of their total charging capacity over time, but are warrantied by the car manufactures for 8 years. 

Q: How long does the installation take?

A: It will take 4-6 hours 

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